Beer has been enjoyed by humankind since the dawn of civilization. It has served as a force for bringing people together for countless reasons around the world, whether it’s a casual Monday hang, late-night professional gathering, or engine to power a social mission helping shelter animals...

Beer For Beasts was born from this idea and intention. We transformed the typical elements of a beer festival and shifted the intention to help a worthy cause, aligned with the personal mission of Sixpoint’s founder, Shane Welch.

Instead of serving a regular lineup of beers with typical food options, we decided to brew completely unique, one-time offerings formulated by the full Sixpoint team and great local partners solely for this event.

With local talent pitching in to provide the music, and a number of New York City's great food offerings, Beer For Beasts was born.

So yes, beer is more than just a beverage enjoyed by humankind - it helps Beasts too. Every year, dozens of unique beers are enjoyed by people at Beer For Beasts, and all of the net proceeds go to the Humane Society of New York. Come join us at Beer For Beasts: A celebration of beer, food, people, and our faithful four-legged companions.